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Almost at The End

October 11, 2017

I met Jessica in Qatar airport. Her plane arrived from England and mine from Jordan. We boarded the plane and swapped seats to sit next to each other on our 11-hour journey to Bangkok. The final stride of my year-long journey. So many emotions came flooding . The reality of life and having to soon […]

Pai Adventure

October 11, 2017

Jessica and I headed to Pai. We bought a package through our hostel in Chiang Mai for both accommodation at their sister hostel and a ride out there. The van was packed and for the most part, we sat silently anticipating all that was to come in Pai. And after 762 turns through a mountain, […]

Falling in Love

September 30, 2017

Traveling alone is the most romantic thing you could ever do. You fall in love. Not with another human. You fall in love With yourself. You learn to love the solitude of your own company because there will be so many times you are alone. Walking through a new country. To a new hostel. Solo […]

I’m just a young soul with a thirst for adventure. Currently on a mission to see the world and share my travels! Oh, and my poetry of course.