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March 2, 2019

And just like that she had wished she were born into a cocoon. To feel every vibration rooting for her transformation. That alone, Had been all she wanted. She wanted her imaginative cocoon she dreamt of. She wanted more than anything else to be wrapped in this blanket of love. This blanket of love, That […]

Grasping Reality

February 13, 2018

You know when you can taste the end of something? Something you really don’t want to end? Like the end of a book that’s just so good that you notice the pages that you’re gripping in your right hand are dwindling away and you keep reading the pages but you’re chocked up on the fact […]


October 22, 2017

My Trip to Israel had eras that were distinct and different from one another in every way. The healing era had been when I first arrived from England and needed a week of resting . I attended welcome dinners and lunches and went to amusement parks with my teenage cousins who all ralleyed around me […]

I’m just a young soul with a thirst for adventure. Currently on a mission to see the world and share my travels! Oh, and my poetry of course.