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August 15, 2017

Berlin served as a landmark city for me, one that epitomized freedom and self expression. The second I arrived I felt Berlin’s dark, grungy soul penetrate me. Everywhere I looked, people walked about with their own unique style: colorful hair dye accentuating an equally amazing hair cut, ripped jeans, patches of bands sewn onto clothing […]


July 12, 2017

I got off the bus from Slovakia and raced against time with my battery quickly draining. Three people from Tunisia followed me, having seen that I had luggage in tote they asked me what hostel I was staying at and it so happened we were all staying at the same one. We found our way […]

When City Girl Meets Croatia

July 5, 2017

I grew up visiting my moms family in Oregon almost every Summer. Every time my uncles saw me their first response would be, “Hey there city girl!” I never really felt too much of a city girl. I spent my summers hopping in creeks, jumping off bridges, going Quadding and four-wheeling and taking up the […]

I’m just a young soul with a thirst for adventure. Currently on a mission to see the world and share my travels! Oh, and my poetry of course.