Born Again

She felt air again.

She had been suffocating for so long,

Breathing to her seemed almost unnatural. 

She uneasily gasped at every breath, choking on the new-found freedom.

She was breathing in life for the first time in years.

She struggled to remove the blindfold that allowed her to live in a nightmare for so long…

With trembling fingers, she peeked over the imprisoning piece of cloth 

And found what she had been looking for all along.

What everyone around her had seen.

 He had trapped her .

Grounded her. 

He had shredded the light she shone with to a point where she didn’t even have the faintest sparkle.

She let him strip her bare of everything that had made her beautiful.

Leaving her naked and alone, 

Not a soul around to caress her back to health. 

To let her know she was, in fact, one of the most beautiful souls of her time. 

It dawned on her that he could never be capable of loving her.

Who can love someone 

And simultaneously pluck at the feathers of their soul?

She began heaving these deep, heavy breaths

this overwhelming reality was washing

over her like a tsunami. 

Years  had been wrapped into moments 

As she finally understood.

Then all of a sudden,

Like prey running from its predator ,

She ran.

She ripped the chains he had submerged her in.

She tore at the “cant’s”,

Slashed away at the laughs of mockery, 

Obliterated her need for HIS love.

And ran as fast as she could.

She didn’t give a damn anymore.

She was dying and she knew it.

So she ran as fast and as far as her legs could carry her. 

Her legs gave way as she entered a clearing.

And for the first time, her soul took over.

No one but the earth and the heavens to witness

As her soul screamed in agony.

She screamed for every feather he had plucked from her once luscious wings.

She screamed for every battle she had fought,

Over a man not worth a fight.

She screamed for every part of her she had so Willingly surrendered to him.

And just as soon as the screeches 

Began to fade,

Did the floods of tears overcome 

Her being.

She had then left her body and was now 

Watching herself from above.

A site that deemed her almost Unrecognizable.

She watched as this broken girl

Wept a thousand tears.

She wept for what she had done to herself,

For the pain that ate away at her soul…

For forgetting how to love herself.

And just like the fading screeches,

Her tears began to dry.

Salty streaks dried crisp against her soft, rosy cheeks.



Nothing could have overpowered what that silence meant.

It was the end of an era. 

She lay there, body pressed against the soil,

Sucking in the cool air like sweet nectar. 

She let wisdom and understanding 

Spread like roots of a tree beneath her skin.

It was in this moment, 

She was born again.

So she laid there.

She realized she had worth. 

She was more .

She exhaled ever so deeply,

Saying goodbye to ignorant young love.

And she let freedom rush through her veins like rapid waters.

She welcomed herself to a limitless world.

Her thirst for adventure replaced the bitter taste of heartless kisses.

She drifted back down to her body,

Welcoming herself with her big, loving heart.

She was all she needed ,

Finally, she found the love she had needed all along.

Not his.

But hers.

And so ,

she was born again.

And she shone brighter than 1,000 moons.


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