Soar High My Dear

A little bird sat in her cozy little nest,

Eyes gleaming with the glittering

Sparkles of possibility

Her mama noticed.

For she, too, had that same sparkle in her eye

as she sat gazing at the great vastness of the world.

So big, so beautiful.

So much to wonder.

So mama bird took little bird under her wing,

With eyes filled with beauty and wisdom, she said:

Soar high, my dear.

Soar passed the foggy haze of the doubters

Who have just never left.

Soar up above the mundane

Clock-wise routines, that leave

our taste for adventure in ash.

Soar high.

Higher than you’ve ever dreamed.

Because when you feel you have flown enough

You will see your wings were meant for flying.

They will take you places, little bird.

On to another adventure!

Past the shattered remnants

Of a lost love.

Past the sorrows of broken dreams,

Falling upon your wings like heavy raindrops,

With such earnest to ground you.

Soar higher than the tallest mountain you can see,

Past the unending oceans, past the flat valleys.

Soar past all you have ever known.

Little bird, Beyond these borders

You will find life.

Spread your wings of the Cliffs of Moher,

Let the winds of Ireland ruffle your feathers

As you breathe in the salty ocean air.

Fly to the top of the Eiffel Tower

Gaze down at Paris, lit up

Like the burning flames of a new love.

Let excitement fill your lungs, little bird

As accomplishment is now all

You will come to know.

Fly to Italia!

Take in the many aromas,

From their bustling coffee houses

To the citrusy scents that conquer the south.

Fly through the jungles of Thailand,

Watching elephants play in ice-cold water

Excitedly shooting streams

Of waterfalls upon the heads of travelers.

Jump the burning flames on

The island of Phi Phi!

Hear the screeching sounds of the howler monkeys

in Belize

As you trek your way to ancient pyramids.


Live harder than you ever thought possible.

And on the days where you get tired,

Find a clearing to lay your head upon the Earth.

Gaze up at the majestic sky above

Watching the stars light up the night.

Breathing in hope,

Exhaling the purest love.

It is then that you will have become

A light for those around you to follow.

Soar high, my dear.

Quench the undying thirst of

Your soul’s desire.

Fly away.



Whatever you do,

Don’t look down.

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