Beauty in Chaos

Maybe it was the chaos she craved.
Maybe that was it.
The uncertainty , the pain.
It was addicting to her.
Maybe it was because she had been born into chaos that made her see only the beautiful things in the relationship.
Being born amongst a thunderstorm with only a boat keeping her adrift forced her to love the way the waves rocked the boat so viciously.
The beauty of each raindrop falling upon her made her love the way each drop felt.
Though at times each drop feeling the weight of bullets, it made her feel alive.
She felt.
The wet drops dripping off her face,
Sliding down her body making her forget she was even in a thunderstorm to begin with.
She focused on the beautiful things, no matter how tough the world was around her.
She stayed afloat by this very ideology.
It’s how she survived.
She found beauty even in the most darkest of places.


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