How to Make a Long Flight Less Dreadful


For those of you who are a little nervous of the length of your flight to a country across the World from you, here are some tips that can make all the difference between stepping off the plane and kissing the floor for finally being let off the plane or walking off with your head held high like you didn’t just have to sit down for 10 hours straight.


  1. Stop by a place before the airport to buy a meal or two for during the Flight.

There are only a select number airlines that I have had the pleasure of actually enjoying the food served and it is no secret that even some flight attendants follow this tip as well. So unless you are flying Swiss airlines to Italia where cheese raviolis, a side salad and a piece of Swiss chocolate for dessert is given, I would definitely bring outside food to eliminate one discomfort.


2. Neck Pillows are a MUST.

Nothing is worse than catching yourself falling asleep and being jerked awake because you realized you just fell asleep on your neighbor’s shoulder. A neighbor who is looking at you in confusion as to why you think it was okay to use their shoulder as a pillow. At some point you will want to sleep because 10+ hours of sitting isn’t as easy as you would think. Do yourself a favor and invest in a neck pillow!


3.  Request an Aisle or Window seat.

My favorite seat (along with most others) is the window, where I can peer out and see the landscape below and clouds floating by. For constant easy-access to the bathroom, an aisle is  your best bet. Just remember, you will have to keep getting up for the others in your aisle when they need to go as well. It isn’t too terrible if you get a middle seat- that is if you brought the neck pillow.


4. Having trouble sleeping? Melatonin is key.

Melatonin is a natural hormone found in the brain to regulate sleep and acts on a clock, where the highest level of release occur at night. But what if you have a flight during the day where you are wide awake and are trying your hardest to fall asleep but can’t? Luckily this hormone is sold as a supplement and can help you fall fast asleep. You buy it online or at any pharmacy (Target, Walgreens,etc).


5. Bring a book.

I hardly have time to read my books for the amount of time that this flight permits, so I try to take advantage of long flights and bring a few awesome reads to pass the time.


6. Don’t forget Headphones!

You get your own little T.V. screen with access to shows, music and  movies that really help pass the time. Two 2-hour movies can mean 4 hours of flight you aren’t thinking about how much time until you land.


7. Fuzzy Socks and Travel Blanket.

Okay, so this last step is only for individuals that really love comfort. And believe me, I am a lady of comfort. So when I want to fall asleep, I put on some fuzzy socks, unzip my travel blanket that I bought from the travel section at Walgreens, neck pillow wrapped around my neck and snooze in complete comfort. (I may have gone a little too far but hey! Try it out some time).


Follow these steps and you’ll be stepping off your flight with that “three-hour-flight-glow”.

Happy Travels Everyone!

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