When the Adventure Begins Before Take-Off.

I hadn’t been much of a procrastinater until my later teen years. As my list of responsibilities grew, the time gap between work to do and completion of task shrunk. So much so, that it was now Monday morning, 8 a.m. and I had not packed at all for my year-long journey; one that I needed to be at the airport at 11:30 pm that very night for. I woke up in a haste after a weekend of birthday celebrations and farewells with family and friends. I immediately began forming my list and going through each needed task one-by-one, all the while being consumed with nerves as this would be the longest I would have traveled abroad for, the longest I would be without the familiarity of home.  Next thing I knew, it was 6pm and I was at Target picking up the last of my toiletries needed for my trip with my niece, dad and sister. I had been so distracted at the cash register in the self-checkout lane that I left my phone behind. A minute had passed and as we all walked out of the entrance, I began to panic realizing I didn’t have my phone with me anymore. It took my dad two seconds to realize what happened. Before any conversation could be exchanged, he ran straight into Target and out of sight.


There I was , hours before my flight, already a ball of nerves and my phone ends up missing. I tried to go through the options of replacing my phone but then it would need to be shipped. With all the countries and cities I plan to visit, that would be an impossible option. As I borrowed a phone to give myself a ring with faint hope of someone answering and return my phone to me, I felt a tap on my arm. It was my dad who was sweating up a storm as if he had just ran in the Olympics with my phone in his hand.

I was completely dismayed.

He was completely out of breath.

I looked at him with feelings of relief, happiness and confusion and began to ask what had just happened. He told me back at the cash register a couple at a neighboring checkout lane paid for their belongings and then waited for us to leave before switching to the register we were just at and he thought it was strange. When I told him my phone was missing, he knew exactly what had happened- that the couple were already on the run with my phone and he had to catch them before it was too late. He took into account of the only two exits they could have gone to and chose the exit throught the mall. He dashed through Target, through the mall and saw the couple walking quickly passed the bathrooms. He ran straight towards them and grabbed the guy’s arm. Knowing not to leave any room for an untruthful response, he demanded that they return the phone. The couple had been so startled that they handed the phone over to my dad immediately. My dad being the amazing, kind-hearted person he is, chose to say thanks with a smile instead of returning a heated exchange.

I was in utter shock. I was completely oblivious to that couple, where my father was in complete control and aware of everything around us.My dad was literally a real, live Superman in that moment. My superhero.

I was left without words for atleast an hour. After I began reflecting about what lesson this all taught me, I realized what a perfect way to start my trip. It made me realize I need to stop being just focused on what I am doing and be more concious of my surroundings because I won’t have my superhero baba to save me when I am a world away.

So, lesson learned. Even when I am feeling most comfortable, I need to always keep in mind of who is around me. You never know what could happen.



  1. I cannot believe this happened! We really do need to keep our eyes open and not get lost in the excitement of it all.

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