So Deep

I want to fall so deep in love,

I can’t find a surface to escape.

So utterly lost in someone’s soul, that their depths become all I know .
Swimming amongst their passions,
Inhaling all that they love,
Taking in their memories, mesmerized
By the sights that make up the person I am so madly insane for.
I want to feel every crevice of this amazing person.
Every wall, every substance with such intimacy, that no other person shall know him with such clarity.
Because I will have found that one person able to make me forget any former love,
And any former pain…
I want to look into his eyes and see
No past ,
And every beginning.
I want to feel
Every swelling beat of my heart,
And every soothing leap of my soul
When he will look at me,
As if I am all he knows.
And I will return that same gaze…
Knowing that I am his every sunrise .
And he is my every sunset.

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