Things to do in Koh Tao

If you are headed to Koh Tao, you probably have heard of amazing recounts from travelers- stories that tempt you into traveling to this little island even more. To help ease your travels,  I’ve listed the top activities and sights that you don’t want to miss!

Scuba Dive or Get Certified!

Koh Tao has been a haven for scuba divers worldwide. Tons of individuals flock to this sight to dive in its surrounding reefs. On my trip here, there were numerous people I ran into that were working on getting certified, and others working on their instructor certification. Another major plus for the broke traveler, is that Koh Tao is one of the cheapest places in the world to get your certification,for a grand total of 10,000 baht (or $285 USD). Travel just a little ways to Krabi, and the price steepens to 14,000 baht($400 USD), so Koh Tao proves to be the perfect (and cheapest) place for those looking to get certified.

View Points:

Nang Yuan:

Nang Yuan takes the cake as one of the best viewpoints (in my opinion) in Thailand. You pay 100 baht entrance fee to the island and will travel between a thin strip of beach separating two shores then walk a platform along the side of one of the islands to get to a set of stairs that leads to the top of the viewpoint. It only takes about 15 minutes to get to the top and once you’ve reached the viewpoint, be prepared to leave awe-stricken.

John-Suwan Viewpoint:

My other favorite viewpoint. Very similar to Koh Phi Phi’s viewpoint but a thicker jungle divide between the on-looking beaches.


You can sign up for snorkeling tours that will take you all around Koh Tao to different snorkel spots. I happened to sign up for one at a travel agency I found walking around Sairee Beach for just 600 baht.  One of my favorite spots to snorkel at was Hin Wong Bay. It seriously had the best coral reefs and more fish than I had seen at any of the other spots. I felt as if I was taking a trip into a part of a set from The Little Mermaid.

Paddle Board at Sunset for an Amazing View:

There is something magical about being on the water, paddling along the shore watching the sunset soak into the sea. Its beauty is entrancing and floating along the ocean front makes it that much more breath-taking. The waves may rock you, in that case take a seat and enjoy the sunset.

Rock Bar:

I journeyed to Koh Tao during the 30-day grieving period after the King had passed away. No music was allowed to be played within the first 30 days in cities around Thailand. On Koh Tao, the only place that played any music was The Rock Bar with a 12 am cutoff. It was pretty awesome the first night; great playlist that enthused party-goers in a tiny bar but it opened up to a back patio leading to the beach where the crowds danced all along the shore with strobe lights flashing and music blasting loud for all to hear. After the first night, you start to realize they pretty much play the same playlist every night. Even so, it still was a good time for a night out in Koh Tao.

Stay At: Sairee Beach

You will be close to everywhere you want to go and be amongst other travelers. There are a fair share of hostels and even speckled with some awesome resorts and bungalows you can book. Good Time Hostel was where I stayed and is conveniently located above The Rock Bar, so going out at night just requires a short descend from a set of stairs instead of a journey on a pretty pricey taxi.

Overall Impression:

I went during monsoon season so my opinion isn’t as accurate as it should. It rained the majority of the time but from the vibes I was able to pick up, Koh Tao is pretty laid back in comparison to other islands. Koh Tao is an island for the tourists by the foreigners, meaning you will mostly see tourists and those who you believe to be Thai, are actually Burmese folks on the island working there to supply the high tourist demand. My only issue is the high price it costs to get a ride in a taxi (most were priced 300 baht. And don’t think splitting it helps, they often will tell you 150 baht/ person one way. The smartest way is by scooter which means two things: you need to know your directions well and be comfortable in driving in rain (if going during wet season). So there you have it ! My recount of Koh Tao and all its wonders! Hope you all enjoy a wicked vacay =).

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