The Chase.

The more people I meet on my journey, the more transparent humanity becomes. One of the most recurring things that pop up in most conversations I have is that we are all chasing something.. We chase things constantly whether it is love, lust, money, travel, adventure, serenity. The one thing that all of these have in common is the end goal to each chased aspect- happiness. We all chase something in life because ultimately we think it will bring us happiness in the end.

So many times, a persons chase turns sour where we never really achieve happiness and end up creating the exact opposite. We get heart broken, we may lose our job or find out that what we were chasing wasn’t something we wanted after all. So many times we are left disappointed. So how do we perfect this chase and really end up with our end goal?

I’ve realized that we create our own happiness and to truly be happy, we must learn to do just that. Happiness from the outside will only follow when we discover the happiness within us. We must create our happiness by building  a route. It’s like drawing a treasure map where the path is sketched and all the obstacles are shown leading you to the iconic red X that marks the spot to where the treasure is. A little something along the lines of,  “You must cross a river filled with alligators, then hike a mountain through a treacherous snow storm then swing through a forest with wild monkeys chasing you to get to a temple where the treasure will be buried”. Whereas the treasure is happiness, and as for the obstacles, well, that is for us all to figure out on our own.

Because of the realization of this chase, I’ve tried to strip away my layers, my thoughts, my norms, in order to really understand what my obstacles are that keep me from being happy. I left my home and lifestyle I was living thinking those were the only obstacles I had before unraveling a truly happy self. But the further I ventured from home, I discovered it was more than just what I left behind, it was partly myself. I tend to be a person that lives in my head where my thoughts sometimes overwhelm my very disposition at times. I think and over analyze to the point it brings me down for no apparent reason.  I realized I had drawn  a map of what my believed obstacles were with a luscious red X buldging over my happiness, but I had drawn that X a little too soon. In the end, my map was incomplete. It lacked unforeseen obstacles and without overcoming those last pieces, that red X would never be reached.

My impulsive, over analytical nature proves to be yet another obstacle, one that was not placed on my map.It was a duality that was working as blockers against my own happiness, part surroundings and part nature. I left my surroundings thinking it was one-sided, but since I’ve left I have realized just how much my own thoughts rob me of my own happiness.

So how do I cross the barriers of my own mind to get to my treasure? Having your own thoughts as your enemy can be one of the most challenging things of all. You can remove yourself from extraneous environments but you can’t escape yourself.

Well when you can’t escape, you can teach. You can adapt. You can learn new habits.

I think one of the most important things I now do throughout my day is when I take a step back from anything and everything. I sit, think and reflect with a clear mind. I act as my own therapist where I just think without judging myself and try to find out what my negative behaviors are and  what I can do differently so that I can become my ultimate self.

This chase we are all on involves thought processing. We all need to be able to take a step back and see what it is that truly makes us happy. After we determine what that happiness is, make a route. Figure out what is stopping you from achieving that happiness and start making goals to overcome and get passed those blockers so that at the end of our lives, we can truly say we lived the life we desired.

I’m now living everyday making decisions I know will make me happy. I distance myself from my thoughts and take an ‘it is what it is’ approach to life instead of being hung up on something that really shouldn’t matter. I’ve made a map that is now complete  and am well on my journey to happiness and self love. As long as we have the determination, any obstacle that is placed on that map will be one we can conquer and get through.

So cheers to all of us, conquering our quest to happiness.


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