Three Day Fast

Without my bank cards or cell phone, my travels throughout Spain have become limited. I had seen what I needed to see in Valencia and had planned to head south to take a ferry to Morocco before heading for a weekend in Granada, Spain to visit my friends. I weighed my options, counted my euro and took into account that my bank cards have the possibility of arriving later than planned. With that said, I chose to stay in Valencia until Thursday where I would then head to Granada to visit my friend Alana and hopefully pick up my bank cards and cell phone being sent to her place from The United States. So I was stuck. What would I do in Valencia when I have visited all that I wanted to see?

That was when I realized that this was the perfect time to do the three-day fast I had planned to do during my time in Bali. For three days, I will have nothing but water.I first heard of this fast in high school when a Native American speaker came to my school, talking to a select group of students who had problem behaviors as one solution of weeding away everything that may currently be hurting them. He described it as a way of reaching higher thinking, where the lack of food helps a person’s emotional and physical state of being. You might think it’s a bit mental to do this but reading up on all the benefits this fast has, I was determined to finally take this time in Valencia as the opportunity to go through with the challenge.

So what benefits does a three-day fast have? On a physical level, it helps reset your eating patterns. I read in an article describing it in a work-setting. If you are given a load of work each day you are never able to finish, you end up putting aside the incomplete work for the next day. But the next day you have a new workload put upon you and so you end up in a cycle of constantly storing away unfinished work. Just like eating, we tend to over-eat where our body stores the food’s unused energy and doesn’t have a chance to catch up and utilize that stored energy. A three-day fast allows your body that catch-up period to utilize that stored energy rather than being stacked on with more work (or food in this case). During this period your body detoxes, getting rid of toxins stored in the body and ultimately helping your organs function better. Emotional and mental benefits would be increased energy and mental clarity to get things done that you tend to put on the back-burner. And lastly, people tend to reach a higher state of being on a spiritual level, where inward conversations become a focus and prayers and meditation become much more connected.

I think another reason I have chosen to do this is as a challenge to my impulsive behavior. Doing this fast disciplines me in a sense to tame my impulsivity. I love to live in the moment, and when I know fun is to be had I jump at the chance. This will help me stay dedicated to a challenge and actually follow through to the end. I feel being surrounded by so much temptation makes this even more challenging. There is food everywhere, people wanting to go out and drink every night and no one but yourself to motivate you to the finishing line. So accomplishing this three-day fast will be so rewarding to see that I do have the capability of separating myself from my live-in-the-moment lifestyle.

I’m well into my second day, sitting on my hostel bed with a 6-liter water bottle and a bladder that seems to never empty. I feel hungry and weak, but then will get sudden bursts of energy. I feel the sense of mental clarity, where I am actually getting things done that I have been meaning to. My demeanor seems more patient rather than anxious in a sense that I usually feel there isn’t enough time to do all that I want to do. I guess eating all the time blocks your ability to think in a way. You think about your next meal, then after you deal with being content with eating and usually hang out to chill. Cutting out the routine of eating leaves so much room for inner thought. We will see by day three how I feel and the outcomes of it all but I definitely am happy that I have found the best way to take advantage of my downtime while waiting for my bank cards and cellphone. Cheers to a challenged 72 hours!

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