I got off the bus from Slovakia and raced against time with my battery quickly draining. Three people from Tunisia followed me, having seen that I had luggage in tote they asked me what hostel I was staying at and it so happened we were all staying at the same one. We found our way through the winding streets of Prague and check-in. They requested for me to be put in their room and that’s when I knew I was not going to sleep that night despite checking in at close to midnight. We settled in, showered, played music as we drank vodka and sat in the window. We were just about to head out when I thought it would be sick to capture that moment sitting from the third story window sill. I gave my phone to one of the Tunisians. As he said, “Be Careful”. The phone slipped from his hand and we all watched with sunken expressions as we watched the phone fall, hitting another window ledge before almost knocking a girl in the head and taking up a spot on the ground below. I yelled for the two girls standing in the street to stay there as I booked it down three flights of stairs. I find the two girls standing outside and the second they saw me, they told me miraculously no damage happened to the phone. I hugged these two complete strangers out of relief of what I thought was going to be devastating. I should have taken that to be the universe warning me that tonight was a night that I needed to leave my phone behind.

We headed out on a night out, staying at a bar and club until the early hours of the morning. The others eventually got tired but with the excitement of me finally being in Prague and the great music playing in the club, I decided to stay and get down until the place kicked me out. It was morning at this point and I wanted to avoid walking home alone so a hailed down a taxi as a way of me playing it safe. The taxi pulled up to what I thought was my hostel and before getting out I noticed my phone was missing. The taxi driver said I never had a phone and I told him with certainty I did and stepped out of the car and began looking underneath the passenger seat to see if it may have slipped below. While I was crouched over, the taxi driver hit the gas with full force and the door swung back knocking me to the ground where I then hit my head against the pavement and was knocked unconscious. Two German guys found me and picked me up, put me in a taxi and stayed with me while I hysterically explained what happened to the police. Hours went by and of course no solution was made. My head ached and I sat there cradling the huge lump on my head wishing I never came to Prague. Once again, I felt completely betrayed.

It wasn’t just the fact that I lost my personal belongings, but the fact that I had taken all the proper precautions of making sure I made it home safely. I felt deceived in every sense. I repeated over and over how good of a person I am and why would this happen to me yet again. I left after three hours and headed to my hostel where I laid in bed. Alone. I spent the rest of the day sleeping. I finally got up and walked to get food with my whole body sore. As if the whole situation wasn’t hard to deal with enough, I felt the aftermath was even harder. The part where I was alone in a city and just wanted a hug from someone who cared. I didn’t have that. My family was on the other side of the World and my hostel was filled with people who weren’t the most accommodating to solo travelers, made up of mainly tightly knitted groups of friends just sticking together. I headed back to my hostel convinced I was going to go to sleep, but I sat there in the empty room staring at the emptiness of it all. I couldn’t bare it. So I left.

Walking around town amongst the crowds was better than being alone. I still was alone but I took in peoples excited, care-free demeanors and tried to absorb their happiness to help lift my spirits. I took a seat in a store window ledge and people watched. A water feature with water pouring from the top of a stoned surface attracted a few children passing by. They stopped to splash the water and I sat there watching how much joy the simplicity of splashing water brought to them. I watched as one of the boys playing with the water zoomed off on his bike trying to catch up to his parents. He was so incredibly happy his smile never left and it settled my heart seeing it. I turned my attention back to the water feature which now had a golden retriever atop it. The dog stood there completely still staring down where the water was flowing around his feet. His owner stood beside him impatiently waiting for his dog to lose interest so they could continue walking.

I began easing up taking in all these positive vibes all around me. A girl came and sat beside me and after a few minutes of silence I asked her where she was from. She was from Australia and was a solo traveler as well.. I told her what happened to me after she asked my plans for the night, explaining why I had no plans at all. She was thrown aback from my story and experience and told me to join her on her pub crawl. At that point, anything was better than sitting in that room alone and having the entire morning event replay in my head. So I joined the pub crawl.

We bonded almost instantly to the point where other pub crawl goers asked us how long have we known each other. It was such a good way to spend my night. I felt happy again, dancing as if the entire morning never happened. I took this as like, ‘well if I hadn’t got robbed I wouldn’t have met V.’ So another friendship made because of a terrible occurrence. I’m still unsettled, mainly because my entire body hasn’t stopped hurting since the incident. But surely soon it’ll be in the past and my guardian angel will somehow keep me from being robbed yet again.

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