Air BnB Gone Wrong

Since the last time I was in Europe, prices for hostels have exponentially increased. What used to be a 10 euro a weekend night to sleep in a hostel has increased to sometimes 60 euro a night (cough, cough-Ireland). For the most part I’ve been quite lucky, finding friends places to stay at for weekends and switching to hostels during the weekdays for a reasonable price. However, Paris would be the first country I did not have a hookup in. My friend suggested checking out AirBnB, even helping assist in finding a good neighborhood. I found an apartment for about 40 euro a night with 4/5 star reviews with the only complaint of the place being small. Knowing I wouldn’t be spending much time in the apartment, size honestly didn’t matter.
So we arrive at the same time as the owner who had not yet cleaned it. He unlocked the first door and we walked down a hall to a second door. When the owner opened the door, you can tell that the ‘studio’ had actually been just a room that he had renovated it to include everything to make it qualify as a studio. The walkway was lined with an armoire, giving you just enough space to walk into the room. Straight ahead from the door entrance was a desk with a shelf atop it containing a few books to read. A window glared light onto the kitchen area which was a portable burner, mini fridge and tiny sink. In the remaining corner of the room laid a mattress on the floor with water stains on the ceiling above it . Between the kitchen and bed was a small door leading to what looked like a former closet turned into to the bathroom that had a toilet that moved every time you sat on it.


Alyssa and I shrugged the appearance of this tiny place off. We had no idea that this Air BnB was about to downhill in so many ways.


Fast forward to Saturday and Alyssa and I are getting ready for our Saturday night out in Paris. I’m about to start straightening my hair while Alyssa is sitting on the mattress putting on her makeup. Out of nowhere, the entire room went dark and Alyssa and I started to scream out of shock that just a moment before we were filled with happy vibes and now we couldn’t even see our hand right in front of us.

Alyssa attempted to get up and another wave of screams erupted, but this time from a leg cramp. I stood there blinding staring in the directions of where Alyssa should be standing and the direction where the power box , trying to decide whether to help Alyssa or find light .

I chose the light in order for me to help Alyssa. I deserted the power switches but we remained in darkness. Alyssa regained her composure and jerked for wifi.

Shit. No electricity or wifi. We had half painted faces and incomplete hair and no way to contact the owner to fix this problem without stepping out into the world to find wifi and contact the owner.

So Alyssa and I wandered down the road to some poppin’ neighborhood bar. We logged onto the wifi and tried to contact the owner through calls and email but were met with no response . We stood there waiting . And waiting . And waiting.

Until we looked at the store next to the bar and saw it had been a liquor store. We decided that our only Option while we waited for a response from the owner was to buy a bottle of vodka and and an energy drink and head back to the apartment. Alyssa and I sat on the mattress with music playing on our phone and the flashlight feature lighting up the dark room enough for us to properly take shots while we filmed a narrative for all our Snapchat followers.

Our irritated demeanors started to melt away and was replaced with us laughing about the craziness of the entirety of the night . We headed to window to bellow out song lyrics hand in hand, ignoring all the angry neighbors screaming at us to quiet down. We were happy together even without the night we had imagined.

We shortly headed back to the bar to find out that the owner had not written us back. It was then that I saw a guy with a skateboard across the street and with a little help from vodka, I darted across the road to have a go on the skateboard. The guy willingly gave over the skateboard but noticing my state of being , pleaded with me to be careful. But it was too late. I was already on the board skating down the road when I placed my foot a little too far back on the board, throwing my myself backwards and onto the pavement. Alyssa and I both laughed as if to say, ‘of course that would happen’ while the guy ran to help me up and grab his board back.

Alyssa and I almost ended up in a boat party that night but we both agreed the events that we had had up to thy point in the night was enough for us to call our Saturday a success.

We hadn’t realized the other downside to the electricity going out until the next morning when we discovered that the toilet was ran on electricity. Meaning us not being able to flush. Let’s just say that two days later when it came to checking out we didn’t care why present we left behind with the owner not even returning an email or call for two days.


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