Manchester Gone Wrong

The last night I would be in Manchester would go terribly wrong. It was Saturday and I had made it quite clear to Connor I wanted this to be my Night out in Manchester before I leave to Leeds for Pride Festival the next day. Everyone had always talked about how great Manchester nightlife was and I didn’t want to miss out .

So Connor invited his friend out with us. We gathered at Connors and predrank at his house. We hopped in a taxi and went to a strip of clubs . We chose one. Waited in line. Entered. Went to the second level where we spent the night buying rounds , dancing, going out on the balcony and chatting up new friends. It was just how Any night at a club was.

Then it came time for closing and everyone was exiting. I had walked ahead Of Connor and his friend. Maybe that night I shouldn’t have but I always had a knack for walking fast.

I’ll tell you all the parts I remember and then what Connor had to fill me in the next day with.

I was walking out and a group of girls were ahead of me . One turned around and said something sassy to me , I had no clue what it may have been but knowing myself I would’ve said something along the lines of shut up (accompanied with a curse). She turned around and we continued to argue, with her friends slinking behind her.


The next thing you know she swings and punches me and without hesitation, as if I had been programmed for this exact reaction , I cocked my fist back and punched her back. That’s when I saw all three of her friends who had been standing behind her, lunge at me .

From this Point on, my memory came in patches. Swinging at four girls who were all fighting me. Then Connor carrying me away from them and me trying to get loose from his grip, outraged that these four low-lives were fighting against one person.

Then me fighting these girls again.
I looked behind me at one point and saw the bouncer punch Connor and immediately I approach the bouncer and return the favor for hitting an innocent guy who was doing his job ultimately and trying to break the fight up. But I didn’t take into consideration that I was in Manchester where there are no rules and it is every man for Themselves . I didn’t care to think at all except react against all the wrong that was happening that night. So despite the size of this man compared
To me, he returned the punch to me and everything went dark again.

I came to my Senses screaming and trying to get people who had pinned me to the Ground off of me. I was kicking , yanking my arms screaming all sorts of swears in a scream I couldn’t even recognize as my own voice until I heard someone yell at me That they were trying to help me . I opened my eyes at that point and saw that it was 6 police officers pinning me To the ground. I started To calm when I saw them, not knowing what happened To those girls or how I had gotten to this point. Connor wasn’t anywhere to be Found.

I couldn’t believe what had happened. I touched my head and my hair was drenched In blood. Certain parts were sore and I knew my head had been cracked open. I just became overwhelmed with tears, delivering my statement to these cops between cries. I was thrown in the back of a police van and minutes later had the door open for Connor to be standing on the other side. His face bloody. I opened the camera feature on my phone and saw I too had a bloody face. Of course it all just Brought more tears.

We were taken to the hospital and waited 7 hours with gashes in my head and my face. Connor’s lip had been pierced all the way through and he had a shiner that could already be seen. We got stitched up and headed home at 12pm where his Mother saw us and would then spend the next few days caring for Us both because even getting out of bed was impossible.

I later found out that Connor saw a fight and noticed it was me. So he ran and picked me up to carry me away. But that’s when those four girls Took their heels off and charged at us, trying to then beat me with their heels. He tried pushing them back as they swung their heels at the both of us, the reason he had a hole In his mouth and why I had gashes in my Head and my face . At one point Two of the girl’s boyfriends came up to Connor and bottled him, leaving me to fight those four girls who all had heels in their hands. We were fighting middle of a crowd who did nothing beyond film the entire thing.

I felt violated. I couldn’t believe the level of petty disgust that existed in Manchester. One where four girls thought it decent to fight one girl. The next layer had been those four girls then equip themselves with weapons despite already outnumbering me and use their heels to hospitalize me. And the last layer of disgust was having an entire crowd stand back and watch and do nothing but film.

I was released from the hospital at 12pm. By 12:30pm I had a flight booked to Israel to be with my family and be surrounded by love. My spirit had not been strong enough or willing enough To heal from this incident alone.

I wanted family. I needed love. I left Manchester.

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