Falling in Love

Traveling alone is the most romantic thing you could ever do. You fall in love. Not with another human.

You fall in love With yourself.

You learn to love the solitude of your own company because there will be so many times you are alone. Walking through a new country. To a new hostel. Solo trips to the beach . Watching sunsets paint the skies different colors with the wind brushing your skin. It’s absolutely beautiful.

You become your own cheerleader, coaching yourself to get past any boundaries you Thought you had . To jump off that 10 meter cliff. To bungee jump out that tree in the middle of the jungle. To turn to that stranger that just sat beside you and ask their name.

You learn what you love in people and you stop settling for a tribe that just doesn’t suit your vibe just because you once feared the feeling of being alone.

The traits that make you most beautiful shine when traveling alone. And you notice these traits in such a more clear light that you begin to expel them to the world much more frequently.

The times that you feel most down, you work through your own mindset to get past those feelings and back to happy grounds. And the more times you do this, you learn just how resilient you actually are.

You figure out that silence sometimes is a necessity. And in silence you can sit and watch and understand and accept the world around you.

You gain this aura of growth and wisdom. You have reached a level of understanding about the World. You’ve grasped the actual fact that life is about experiences and radiating love and happiness. That little bumps in life are just that- bumps. That everyday is ours and it’s our job to fill it with as much beauty as possible.


  1. Elle says:

    Wonderfully written, Roxie. I admire your courage!


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