Almost at The End

I met Jessica in Qatar airport. Her plane arrived from England and mine from Jordan. We boarded the plane and swapped seats to sit next to each other on our 11-hour journey to Bangkok.

The final stride of my year-long journey.

So many emotions came flooding . The reality of life and having to soon adapt back into a normal routine of a job and the endless responsibilities that being an adult entails.

I didn’t want this lifestyle to end. The excitement I woke up to each day for a new adventure. Getting lost in foreign places and using hand signals to then help me find my way to my destination. Seeing other cultures and learning about a different group of people’s traditions and way of living.

I felt like my freedom was soon going to end . I didn’t want a normal life. I want the life I have now. But as Jessica always says, everything in life is good in moderation. And I couldn’t live a life on the road forever. I had my niece to go back to. My siblings. My dad and mom. My best friends . My cousins. I had family and loved ones.

I had a credit card to now pay off for the memories that it helped pay for . I had to now figure out my next bit of life. What master’s program to go into. What family
To become apart of, returning back to life as a nanny in San Francisco.

I had to figure out what the best way to spend each day would be and what good I can contribute to the world. The world had treated me like a princess this past year. I saw waterfalls and trekked through jungles carrying bananas to feed elephants. I’ve stayed in rice fields with hilltribe people in Vietnam and drank coffee with an Indonesian family as my friends and I pulled over to find shelter during a storm. I’ve shared ice cream with homeless children in Cambodia and watched the excitement on their faces as we sat in silence enjoying our treat. I’ve been chased by a herd of monkeys down an island and then rescued by Thai people. I’ve been whisked away in Ireland to meet a new friends family where we shared a proper Irish meal. I’ve sat out of a window sill from the fifth floor of my hostel with strangers chatting about life . I’ve hitchhiked four hours with a van full of Thai people all eager to show me pictures of their families and hear stories of San Francisco. The world has been so kind and generous and loving that it was now my turn to return those vibrations back the World.

I was healed this year. I battled all my feelings , from losing a brother to losing the love of my life to losing my uncle. With each loss came the most important lesson . It reminds us that time is the most precious thing and we need to utilize it to give the World Love and to never forget to get Love back .

Because in the end, life is about Loving . To give love and get it right back.

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