Pai Adventure

Jessica and I headed to Pai. We bought a package through our hostel in Chiang Mai for both accommodation at their sister hostel and a ride out there. The van was packed and for the most part, we sat silently anticipating all that was to come in Pai. And after 762 turns through a mountain, every single traveler in the van was more than happy to finally arrive. We first were asked to get out the van in town and not at our hostel . The driver had told us it would be a 15 minute walk, “Go straight then turn left it’s there”.

Luckily , Jessica and I were in mood to be walking lost in Pai so we paid the driver to take us to the actual place . What was said to be a ’15 minute walk’ turned to be a ride way out of town in the mountains of Pai. We looked at eachother the further the vehicle drive as if to say, ‘ 15 minutes my ass’ .

So we were dropped off at 9pm next to a sign that pointed to the hostel. Half of the sign was written in Thai and we had assumed it said the amount of meters we had to walk down this dirt road . But there was nothing there. No noticeable indication of an actual hostel existing down that road . It was just pure darkness with tall brushes and trees and a fence that lined the opposite side. We saw a light on in a building to the left of us. We thought that had to be it . So we walked through the darkness towards the light and discovered that that building was someone’s home and not our hostel and it had an unleashed guard dog . The dog saw us and immediately began barking before it just full-on chased us.

There we were. Strapped with
Our oversized backpacks trying to run from an unleashed dog that most-likely had rabies. Jessica booked it down The road . I assessed the situation and knew if that dog saw us both running he would see it as a threat and pursue us with triumph . So I turned to face the dog and eyed him down to let him know that I was not Going to be his dinner . The dog stopped chasing us and stood there, both of us staring each other down. I backed away not breaking eye contact from this beast, not wanting him to have a chance to lethally attack from behind.

We walked back to the sign for our second attempt at finding our hostel. We followed the arrow that pointed straight up from that road and began walking in that direction with the dog still on guard watching us from a distance . The further we walked , all street lights became more faint and with the near-attempt of being attacked by a dog , Jessica and I were in no mood to have something else happen on our walk down a dark road in the middle of the jungle. So we walked back to the main road and found a bar across the street to have a beer while we quickly calculated our next move.

It was the best decision we had made walking in that bar. It had a treehouse lit
Up with hanging lights and hammocks hanging from below it with carpets to sit and chill on .

One of the Thai workers brought us beers and we told her of our experience trying to find the hostel and how we just wanted to be back in town on main strip where civilization existed. She helped with a taxi, smiling at us for not being able to adapt to her everyday life of living in the mountains.

Ten minutes go by and the taxi arrived, taking us to our new hostel . Jessica and I laughed while we drove off, agreeing that we had made the best combined decision to return back to town to be in the mix and not stranded in the jungle.

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