Blog SelfieHey everyone! My name is Roxanne, I’m 25 and I have a passion for traveling! I began my life as a traveler when I was 19. What inspired me to start traveling? Well, I just had this burning desire for more; I knew there was more in this life than what was around me and after graduating high school, I made it my duty to go searching for that ‘more’. My biggest obstacle was getting past this barrier that separated me from the unknown- from the life I desired.  So after many unnerving months saving and planning, I got the chance to leave and study in Italy!

Since then, I have explored most parts of Italy, I have been to Monaco, The French Riviera, Versailles, Paris, Ireland, Palestine, Israel, Belize, China, Thailand(my first solo trip) and most recently Cambodia. I am currently on my year-long journey across the World for the next year to explore many other amazing countries I have not yet seen. I started this blog to share my stories and adventures and to give insight on feelings you might experience when traveling alone.

Becoming a traveler, it changes you. You become more open- so much more receptive and adaptable. Traveling is completely raw. You are free to be and grow into your true self.  You learn to try new things from different foods you’ve never tasted to adventures you thought you’d never take. The whole “stranger-danger” concept flies out the window when you find yourself grabbing dinner with people you just met at the hostel you are currently staying at. You become an expert at planning itineraries in hours time in beat up hostels off little sleep and plenty of noise all around you. You learn to sleep sitting up on train rides to different countries. You gain the confidence to speak different languages because it becomes an obstacle between you and the meal you’re trying to order, and in more extreme cases, a matter of trying to find a way out of a town in the countryside where English is not a median language.You grow. You learn. You live. You won’t be the person you started off as. You’ll be so much more.

My advice to those dabbling with the idea of becoming a solo traveler is that you can’t sit and wait for those around you to get the courage to explore the world-you just have get up and go!