Berlin served as a landmark city for me, one that epitomized freedom and self expression. The second I arrived I felt Berlin’s dark, grungy soul penetrate me. Everywhere I looked, people walked about with their own unique style: colorful hair dye accentuating an equally amazing hair cut, ripped jeans, patches of bands sewn onto clothing […]


I got off the bus from Slovakia and raced against time with my battery quickly draining. Three people from Tunisia followed me, having seen that I had luggage in tote they asked me what hostel I was staying at and it so happened we were all staying at the same one. We found our way […]

When City Girl Meets Croatia

I grew up visiting my moms family in Oregon almost every Summer. Every time my uncles saw me their first response would be, “Hey there city girl!” I never really felt too much of a city girl. I spent my summers hopping in creeks, jumping off bridges, going Quadding and four-wheeling and taking up the […]

I’ll Meet You at The Top

There are five stages of grief that someone can experience after losing someone. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross first presented these stages in a book she wrote in 1969 called On Death and Dying. The stages she presents are as follows: 1. Denial and isolation 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance Not every person will go […]


Granada was a whole adventure in itself. I made my way to the South of Spain where I had my credit cards and cell phone sent to my friend Alana’s house in Granada where she teaches English at a high school. I arrived after an 8 hour bus ride from Valencia and found my way […]

Three Day Fast

Without my bank cards or cell phone, my travels throughout Spain have become limited. I had seen what I needed to see in Valencia and had planned to head south to take a ferry to Morocco before heading for a weekend in Granada, Spain to visit my friends. I weighed my options, counted my euro […]

The Silver Lining

They say there is always a silver lining in the things you go through in life. Maybe it’s a way for us to take what is good out of a situation, focusing on the one positive thing in order to help us get through bad times more quickly. When I got robbed in Barcelona, in […]

The Land of Thieves

After being robbed in Barcelona on Easter, I had a lot of work cut out for me. I already headed to the police station the day it had happened and cancelled my cards, but I had to wait for today to arrive to get any money sent and take a trip to the United States […]

Two Sides of Humanity

Last night I went out with someone from my hostel, determined to experience Barcelona’s nightlife. What started off as a solo trip to bars ended up turning into being accompanied by an Native American guy I met at my hostel. We went out to a bar, had a drink and then set off back to […]

Lost in Amsterdam

I am choosing to go against the grain by skipping around a bit and heading straight to summarizing Amsterdam. Alyssa and I arrived, backpacks strapped to both our front and back. Like usual, passersby’s stared in disbelief at the amount of luggage both of us were able to lug around ( let me tell you, […]