Grasping Reality

You know when you can taste the end of something? Something you really don’t want to end? Like the end of a book that’s just so good that you notice the pages that you’re gripping in your right hand are dwindling away and you keep reading the pages but you’re chocked up on the fact […]


My Trip to Israel had eras that were distinct and different from one another in every way. The healing era had been when I first arrived from England and needed a week of resting . I attended welcome dinners and lunches and went to amusement parks with my teenage cousins who all ralleyed around me […]

Almost at The End

I met Jessica in Qatar airport. Her plane arrived from England and mine from Jordan. We boarded the plane and swapped seats to sit next to each other on our 11-hour journey to Bangkok. The final stride of my year-long journey. So many emotions came flooding . The reality of life and having to soon […]

Pai Adventure

Jessica and I headed to Pai. We bought a package through our hostel in Chiang Mai for both accommodation at their sister hostel and a ride out there. The van was packed and for the most part, we sat silently anticipating all that was to come in Pai. And after 762 turns through a mountain, […]

Falling in Love

Traveling alone is the most romantic thing you could ever do. You fall in love. Not with another human. You fall in love With yourself. You learn to love the solitude of your own company because there will be so many times you are alone. Walking through a new country. To a new hostel. Solo […]

Solo Female Traveler

After six weeks of being with people who took care of everything from price bargaining to shopping trips to organizing events for me to attend, I returned to being a lone wolf once more. I felt my freedom again. One that engulfed me with excitement, wonder and feelings of being lost. Some people hate the […]

Manchester Gone Wrong

The last night I would be in Manchester would go terribly wrong. It was Saturday and I had made it quite clear to Connor I wanted this to be my Night out in Manchester before I leave to Leeds for Pride Festival the next day. Everyone had always talked about how great Manchester nightlife was […]

Air BnB Gone Wrong

Since the last time I was in Europe, prices for hostels have exponentially increased. What used to be a 10 euro a weekend night to sleep in a hostel has increased to sometimes 60 euro a night (cough, cough-Ireland). For the most part I’ve been quite lucky, finding friends places to stay at for weekends […]

Secret Garden Party

Two different groups of English mates (and Alana) had all written to me about attending a festival in England called Secret Garden Party. I wasn’t too keen on going back to overpriced England, especially when there were places I had not been before still on my list to go.But I took into consideration (and needed […]


Berlin served as a landmark city for me, one that epitomized freedom and self expression. The second I arrived I felt Berlin’s dark, grungy soul penetrate me. Everywhere I looked, people walked about with their own unique style: colorful hair dye accentuating an equally amazing hair cut, ripped jeans, patches of bands sewn onto clothing […]