So Deep

I want to fall so deep in love, I can’t find a surface to escape. So utterly lost in someone’s soul, that their depths become all I know . Swimming amongst their passions, Inhaling all that they love, Taking in their memories, mesmerized By the sights that make up the person I am so madly […]


She painted herself the colors of the sky , Shifting her colors like a chameleon- Deep blue to light blue Pinks and purples, yellows and oranges. She used all the colors she saw in the sky and wore them with pride, hoping to reflect the views she took in each day and night. She traveled […]

Beauty in Chaos

Maybe it was the chaos she craved. Maybe that was it. The uncertainty , the pain. It was addicting to her. Maybe it was because she had been born into chaos that made her see only the beautiful things in the relationship. Being born amongst a thunderstorm with only a boat keeping her adrift forced […]

Soar High My Dear

A little bird sat in her cozy little nest, Eyes gleaming with the glittering Sparkles of possibility Her mama noticed. For she, too, had that same sparkle in her eye as she sat gazing at the great vastness of the world. So big, so beautiful. So much to wonder. So mama bird took little bird […]

Born Again

She felt air again. She had been suffocating for so long, Breathing to her seemed almost unnatural.  She uneasily gasped at every breath, choking on the new-found freedom. She was breathing in life for the first time in years. She struggled to remove the blindfold that allowed her to live in a nightmare for so […]