How to Survive Europe on a Budget

We all know just how incredibly expensive Europe can be. As a backpacker traveling for a year, I looked at Europe with fear for just how much I could possibly spend. It was because of my desire to keep traveling for an entire year that I did tons of research, finding ways to make Europe […]

Leaving Thailand

From the Islands and to the jungles, I must say I gave no end in sight to how I went about my everyday life. I wish I could have recounted all of these experiences on a more weekly basis, but the lack of internet connection and confronting different outlet requirements, I was at a loss. […]

Things to do in Koh Tao

If you are headed to Koh Tao, you probably have heard of amazing recounts from travelers- stories that tempt you into traveling to this little island even more. To help ease your travels,  I’ve listed the top activities and sights that you don’t want to miss! Scuba Dive or Get Certified! Koh Tao has been a haven […]

What Happens When The King of Thailand Dies

I was set to arrive in Bangkok on October 26, 2016. As the day quickly approached, I recieved news that the King of Thailand had passed away. For some reason, I didn’t place much value on the news seeing how I had so much to do and finish up at home before my year-long journey. […]

Surviving Bangkok

If you are headed to Bangkok for the first time, there are a few things you need to know before making the trip. My first time there was complete chaos. I had spent two weeks up North in Chiang Mai, where the attitude of people residing in that city spoiled me into thinking small town […]

When Not to go to Erawan Falls

The other day I spent 10 hours independently traveling to the infamous Erawan Falls. Erawan falls is popular for a day tour or overnight stay if one is in Bangkok. The falls were named after the three-headed elephant found in Hindu mythology because locals believed it to greatly resemble the mythological creature. Seeing pictures of […]